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Allowing You To Get Relieved of Your Debts…

Harris Financial assists individuals and organizations in evaluating their current debts and filing for bankruptcy (if needed). Our services allow you to review alternative methods for loan installments to ensure you are not overly burdened with your debts.

Highlights of Our Bankruptcy Services:

  • Filing Bankruptcies Under Chapter 7 & 11
  • Creating Database of Creditors
  • Preparation of Bankruptcy Filing Under Chapter 7 & 13 for the Judicial Procedure
  • Preparation of Pre-Bankruptcy Courses
  • Preparation of Pre-Education Courses
  • Preparation & Analysis of Cost for the Judicial Process

If you are indebted to a number of creditors or if you require assistance in tax returns then we are ready to give you the second chance you deserve.

Get in touch with us now for a free consultation to evaluate your current situation and to know how to proceed further with your tax returns or debts.

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